Middleware Now

Connect disparate systems for real-time communication. MiddlewareNow promises fully managed and Total Care integration with any system in less than 14 days.

Total Care Description

Connecting Disparate Systems can be time-consuming and costly.

Our uncommonly attractive and certified team of software engineers provides the FULL integration service at no cost

Atlas Inside Software Engineers have created hundreds of templates and blueprints over the years that can be dynamically applied to almost any business case scenario. This makes possible and easy to promise 14 days any integration deadline for any business need.


Integrate any API. MiddlewareNow acts as an API Wrapper.


Integrate any Webservice protocol from SOAP and WPS to JSON-RPC/WSP

Industry Specific

MiddlewareNow is specially designed for the healthcare and Insurance industry.

Fast and Free

The Integration process is free and each client integration is performed in 14 days


CSV Files over SFTP or direct connection to relational Databases through link servers.


Interface Integration and Standard Conversion (EDI, HL7, XML, JSON)

Total Care

MiddlewareNow software engineers will perform a total care integration.


24/7 SOC Monitoring. Transaction Data is Logged and Monitored for HIPA compliance.

Integrations Now

Risk-Free integrations that do not hurt your budget. If you are not fully satisfied with our service you may cancell at any time. No front fee and no cancellation fee.