Security Awareness Training Solutions

AIT provides security awareness training services that address the human element of your security environment. Our extensive range of courses and up to date content ensure that users understand their role in security and compliance and can put this knowledge into practice.

Our training offerings aim to accomplish several goals, including:

Empowering users so they understand security best-practices

Provide instructor-led and computer-based options, so users can learn anytime and anywhere

Educating employees on compliance rules and regulations, for example PCI and HIPAA

Instilling a culture of accountability

Our training offerings aim to accomplish several goals, including:

Online Security Awareness Training

Instructor-led classes with direct access to subject matter experts

Continuous awareness communication programs

Security awareness posters and screen savers

e-Learning Security Awareness Course Description

Courses are available in US English, Spanish, Italian, and French. Customized courses and additional language translations available.


Module Name:
Security Awareness Training – US English
Security Awareness Training – Spanish *New*
Security Awareness Training – Italian *New*
Security Awareness Training – French *New*
Social Engineering User Awareness Training


Module Name:
Payment Card Security
Securing Company Financials
EU Privacy
US Privacy
Privacy of Personal Healthcare Information
Social Engineering for Social Networks


Module Name:
Handling Payment Cards
Hacking, Cracking, & Cyber-Crime
Mobile Phone Security
Security at Home
Identity Theft
Online Security at Home
Website Security
Malicious Software
Wireless “Wi-Fi” Security
Using Good Passwords
Travel Security
Handling Payment Cards for Call Centers *New*
Working with Outside Companies *New*
E-Mail Security *New*
Working Remotely *New*
Handling Company Information *New*
Data Encryption *New*
Laptop Security *New*
Backing Up Your Data *New*
Business Continuity *New*
Data Retention *New*
Privacy *New*
Remote Access *New*
Social Engineering *New*
Social Networking *New*
Working Remotely *New*

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