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Our IT Security and Risk Management Services team consists of highly skilled, certified IT security and compliance experts. Our team provides the expertise and analysis to help you enhance your IT security posture, mitigate information security risks, and ensure compliance.

AIT provides world-class security and risk services with extensive expertise and over a decade of experience. We serve clients of all sizes, across multiple industries, and around the world. Our project methodology enables us to ensure that each client has the exact set of services they need. AIT helps clients lower their risks, improve their security, and manage the cost of compliance.

Project Management

Our project management methodology, was developed over the course of decades in the industry and perfected through thousands of hours of compliance and security projects. Our process consistently deliver the highest-quality project deliverable, with flexibility, efficiency and quality.

Phase 1: Conception and Initiation

  • Confirm the objectives of the project
  • Confirm key stakeholders and expectations of all constituents
  • Confirm the in-scope IT infrastructure, applications, information, and people
  • Develop detailed project plan including key milestones, deliverables, and schedule

Phase 2: Definition and Planning

  • Scope and Budget
  • Work breakdown structure
  • Gather information about the organizations’ policies, procedures, and practices
  • Risk Management

Phase 3: Launch and Execution

  • Assess and test the environment
  • Analyze and evaluate assessment and test and results
  • Identify and assess any compensating controls
  • Status and Tracking

Phase 4: Performance Control

  • Quality Deliverables
  • Performance
  • Provide remediation recommendation
  • Retest the re-mediated controls

Phase 5: Project Closure

  • Project Punch-list and Post Mortem
  • Present the final report of findings and recommendations for improvements


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