SharePoint Software Management/Administration Services

SharePoint Administration Services help members of your organization work more efficiently and productively. These services can configure to provide personalized access to documents and other information.


The administration services that the client can make use of are:


Application Management: Managing Web applications, content databases, service applications, and site collections



System Settings: Manage servers, services, farm features, alternate access mappings, and e-mail and text messaging options.



Monitoring: Review health problems and solutions, check timer job status, and view Web analytics reports.



Backup and Restore: Perform a farm backup, a site collection backup, or manage and monitor backup jobs.



Microsoft Exchange Server: Manage the farm administrators group, service accounts, Web application policy, and information management policy.



Upgrade and Migration: Convert farm license type, enable enterprise features, enable features on existing sites, and check product, patch, upgrade, and database status


SharePoint Administration Services & Solutions



SharePoint Installation and Configuration Services: Enaviya allow the configuration of individual services independently, enabling you to implement the services according to the needs of an organization.


Analyzing and Reporting on Usage and activity: Providing health SharePoint services to meet the demands of various businesses.


SharePoint System Settings, E-mail and text messaging options: We can help any organization to manage the system setting by making use of the System settings, e-mail and text messaging options.




SharePoint Application Management & Monitoring: our meticulous plan for managing the applications effectively for any organization imparts protection.


Monitor Health of Running Services: We focuses on providing health SharePoint services to meet the demands of various businesses.


SharePoint Software Maintenance: We are leading strategies to administer SharePoint software maintenance activities to its clients. SharePoint Backup and Restore: We designed a platform to our esteemed clients to use the SharePoint approach of backup and restore.





Managing SharePoint Permissions and Security Groups: We create additional groups and permission levels if you need an improvised control over the activities that your users can take.


SharePoint Security Management: Collaborate different SharePoint users to make the administration and maintenance of security in SharePoint easier.


Upgrade and Migration Databases: We support the migration plan due to its competency in identifying the various component tasks such as identification and estimations, and planning of resources among others.


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