Vulnerability Assessment

Vulnerability Assessment testing is a cyber-security best practice that helps ensure that IT environments are properly secured and vulnerabilities are appropriately patched. Our proven methodology provides actionable steps for ensuing the security of your systems.

The $1495 Vulnerability Assessment Test

After the success of our $995 external penetration testing service, we at Atlas Inside Technology (AIT) realized that external security only forms a small part of an organization’s general security profile and that internal security is also of absolute importance. We therefore came up with a new reasonably priced offer for a service that remotely assess internal vulnerabilities at only $1495.

Our qualified staff has, over the years, acquired experience in performing IT review and testing services as well as working on security assessment of internal networks and systems in over one hundred financial institutions across the world.

In order to clear any possible doubts you may have regarding the “vulnerability assessment service” we offer, the following is a compiled list of the most frequently asked questions that usually come from our clientele.  Also, please feel free to go through our terms and conditions for further information.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What does the vulnerability assessment cover and how is it performed?

This service is designed to asses external vulnerabilities and offers coverage of up to 100 IP (internet Protocol) addresses owned or controlled by your organization.  In order to implement this service, you must assign it to the IP addresses on which you want the tests to be performed. These will be performed using our automated testing solutions toolkit.

What is an exploitative assessment and a non-exploitative assessment?

The IT industry has not yet set standard terms to describe the specific characteristics of vulnerability assessment tests. We generally use the term   non-exploitative assessment to refer to an assessment that only goes as far as detecting and discovering the vulnerabilities in your system without actively demonstrating the various ways in which those vulnerabilities may be exploited while the term exploitative assessment refers to an assessment that will, after discovering the vulnerabilities in your system, actively demonstrate how a noxious entity might exploited those vulnerabilities to harm your system or specific file archives.

What tools do you use to perform the assessment?

We use tools that form part of the Kali Linux distribution such as Burp Suite, DirBuster, NMAP, SQLMap, and OWASP ZAP. The tool or tools that is selected to perform the task may vary and is suited to the organization’s respective security specialist or expert’s perception, since they are accurately assessed according to the environment in which they are going to be used. As a rule, we will only use subscription-based tools to guarantee the updating of files and consequently, ease the detection of recently arisen vulnerabilities.

How frequently will the test be performed?

The general recommended practice is that every organization should perform a vulnerability assessment test at least once a year or after any important changes in the organization’s operations or patch solutions. Our $1495 fee covers one single assessment at any time of your choosing. We also offer frequent testing intervals at a discounted price. An internal vulnerability assessment is one of the most effective means to verify the efficacy of any parch administrations.

Why $1495?

After a careful evaluation of this service, we settled on this very fixed price for 3 main reasons, first, it was an effort to beat our competitors that offer the same services at extremely higher prices, secondly we believe that $1495 represents a clear and matching price for the service we provide and thirdly to make it affordable to our potential clienteles especially taking into account the current rough economic climate. Please note that the pricing, though may seem low, does not at all affect the quality of our service.

$1495 seems like a low price. The XYZ firm charged us about 3 times that for our last vulnerability assessment. How do we know that your assessments are exhaustive and effective?

Atlas Inside Technology (AIT) has been working hard with financial institutions in numerous parts of the world since 2016. During this time, it has gained an outstanding reputation as one of the main providers of consulting services for banks, hospitals, real estate, among others. That said, we are happy and able to provide you with a list of customers’ references should you ask for them. Our auditing personnel is made up of consummate professionals who have years of experience in the Healthcare, Banking, Transportation, real state and education industries.

One of the features that sets us apart from other companies is the way in which we organize our IT auditing teams. We have had the privilege of constructing teams that consist of personal specialized in different areas of security. Our teams generally include experienced personnel in the management of complex network environments and personnel with a more traditional IT auditing experience, because they usually have a better insight into internal control systems and auditing practices.

During the assessment services, you will work with one of our experienced IT technical auditors, which gives our firm the ability to thoroughly analyze the findings in our review in conjunction with your internal IT personnel or with your external network services provider. Furthermore, we also filter false positives or errors stemming from our automatized tools before providing you with the final report; which puts us ahead of the many other service providing firms that have the tendency to force the burden of filtering all the false positives onto your organizations’ security personnel.

How long does a single vulnerability assessment take?

The usual estimated time for a single assessment is generally one week prior to having signed a letter of commitment with our client. During that time we compile the necessary documents of the results. In the instance where the client needs an urgent test they can let us know so we can immediately tend to their needs.

How will you receive the findings of the Vulnerability Assessment test?

We issue a formal report of all of our review services. This report will include a general description of the outcomes of the test, as well as any recommendations that maybe made regarding the possible solutions. A copy of the complete results of the test will be attached to that report. In order to maintain a standard format we issue all our reports in electronic format (PDF) through our email. It usually takes us about a weeks’ time to publish the report having passed it through our internal quality control function, however, expedited issuance of reports is available upon advance request. You can feel free to contact us if you would like to receive a sample report of the external Vulnerability Assessment test.

My organization has more than 100 internal IP addresses to asses. Can Atlas Inside Technology (AIT) still provide this service for my organization?

Certainly. You just need to request a price estimate in order for us to elaborate a personalized proposal based on your particular situation and the quantity of addresses that will need assessing. We frequently do provide vulnerability assessment services to organizations with more than a 100 different IP addresses; however, we find that most companies have less than 100 addresses requiring testing, which is why we have established our price rate at this level.

Vulnerability Assessment Approach

Our testing methodology has been fine-tuned over decades through thousands of hours of experience.

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